Uptown Saturday Night

A couple of months ago, I had  reached a point in my singledom where the idea of meeting new people didn't seem horrible.  I had no plan in place; however, if someone intriguing came along then I would be open minded.  Browsing through Facebook one Saturday morning I saw that an acquaintance of mine was singing at a local event.  I saw the word "erotic" on the promotional material but thought nothing of it.

Later that day, one of my best friends asked me to come out for the performance.  I told her that I believed erotic poetry might have been involved.  She knew nothing about it.  I agreed to go.  As I was getting dressed, the thought occurred to me that this could be a chance for me to meet new people.  My level of excitement heightened. Decked out in black lace covered pumps, high waisted denim trousers, and plum lips, I was ready for action.

The venue was a coffee shop in an artsy part of town.  I immediately felt something strange in the atmosphere.  My friend discovered shortly before I came that this was, in fact, an erotic arts festival (confirmed by the many references to genitalia).  That wasn't it though - there was another vibe that I was getting.  There were men there, but I seemed to be attracting dreamy glares from women instead.  As I stared up at the rainbow colored flags dangling from the ceiling right above my head, I realized that I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

A gentleman that can only be described as having grandfather-like qualities graced the microphone with his piece about the female anatomy aptly titled "It's Just P****".  After coaching each other through an overweight belly dancer's performance, the moment we had been waiting for finally came...our friend took the stage.  She was by far the STAR of the show.  We left immediately after.  On a positive note, I did receive some male attention.  A guy in peep-toe pumps said that he liked my lipstick!