Jay Z & Beyonce: Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

The internet and fans alike have been abuzz since Solange laid the smackdown on Jay Z.  What happened? Why did she do it?  Could this be the end of the inseparable Bonnie  & Clyde?  For me, the only oddity about Solange's display was that someone caught it on camera.  I've quietly assessed Jay & Bey's relationship for some time, and finally decided to break the silence.  Love it, hate it or sick the Beyhive on me.  Here goes...

The Mrs. Carter World Tour:

Speculations of infidelity and the power couple not being as happy as they seemed came well before the announcement of the tour.  But the name of the tour itself is what made me twist my head to the side and furrow my eyebrows slightly.  Beyonce has made a name for herself on her own.  Why the need to suddenly showcase her "Mrs" title to the world?  Married women love to show off their new last names...usually when they are newlyweds.  Mr. & Mrs. Carter had been married for about four years at that point.  It appeared as though Bey was trying to prove a point. 

I reasoned that she was probably receiving backlash from the public that she wasn't being "wifely" enough to her husband.  I mean, when you drop an album, a baby, land a Pepsi deal then rock the Superbowl, simpletons are going to find SOMETHING to talk about.  Perhaps the talk was finally getting to her, and she wanted to show the world that she intended to stand by her man.  Either that, or she was taking a stand against those women chasing after (or being chased by) her man.  Regardless of her rationale, something wasn't clean in the milk.

Beyonce's Self Titled Album (that was really all about sexing her man)

Beyonce's most recent album was a self-proclaimed representation of her independence, sexuality and feminist views.  Most notably, though, were the explicit sexual references about her love life with Jay.  When I watched "Partition" for the first time, I was both flabbergasted and saddened. 

While we cannot hold Beyonce responsible for the ills of society, she has undeniable influence.  Yes, the argument can be made that her & Jay Z are married and can do whatever they want (preferably behind closed doors) but the message that video sends - you are performing for a man who is simply sitting there watching you as you spew raunchy, desperate lyrics.  For those who are anticipating your every move, just waiting to emulate - this is what they see.  I'm sorry, but I hold someone who sang at the first black president's inaugural ball to a higher standard (higher than I should have apparently...but that's besides the point). 

Then a level of sympathy kicked in.  The lyrics to her chorus replayed in my mind "take all of me...I just want to be the one you like...the one you like is right here with me."  Her words sounded more like a plea each time I thought about it.  A plea from a woman who knows her man is wandering.  Who wants so desperately for him to see her and love her for who she is.  Who doesn't want the media circus associated with a high profile, messy divorce.  A plea from a woman who wants to be loved.  Man, I saw it so vividly.  And I felt for her.  A few friends listened to my theory, but dismissed it for the most part.  But the next occurrence couldn't be so easily forgotten.

The Elevator Fight

Ring the alarm, she's been through it too long, but Solange'll be damned if she sees another chick on his arm.  Anyone find it odd that Beyonce did NOTHING to stop her sister from wailing on her hubby?  I sure did. Whether it was Rachel Roy or Rihanna, there are only two things that cause a fight like that within a family: money or infidelity.  And for a couple whose net worth is nearly $1billion, I'm pretty sure that wasn't it.  So what could drive a sibling over the edge like that?

Well I certainly don't know.  What I do know is Beyonce's level of chill vs. Solange's anger signaled Beyonce's approval of her sister's behavior.  Who would know better what was happening behind closed doors than her only sibling?  Then, of course, publicists have to come in with the cleaning crew.  Downplay it by saying Solange was drunk, and show some pictures of everyone playing nice a few days later (seriously does anybody believe Jay was playing catch in the yard with Solange's son...it just looked awkward).  That video gave a naked glimpse into one of the most private celebrity couples' life.  And it was a far cry from Bey's HBO doc "Life is But a Dream". 

On the Run Tour

See summation of Mrs. Carter World Tour above. She wanted the world to know that's her man.  Although it has been noted that during one of their shows she changed the lyrics of "Resentment", a song about a cheating mate, to reflect the length of time her and Jay Z were together.  It was also said that at another show, she broke down crying uncontrollably while singing the song.  With all of the media attention on them right now, it wouldn't surprise me if her jabs toward Jay are planned to keep people talking and buying tickets. 

So What Now???

Hmmm...that's a good question.  Tabloids and celeb gossip sites are continuing to have a field day.  InTouch magazine reports that the couple is Skyping with marriage counselors while they are on tour in an attempt to save their marriage. Another source states that the therapists are there to help them split amicably.  They might not split at all.  We really won't know until they want us to. 

But there's another piece I'd like to address.  Take away all of the fame and fortune.  Beyonce is still a woman.  Many of us have been in her shoes.  I've been there.  I'm sure plenty of you have been there.  It's painful when someone you love betrays you, doesn't reciprocate the level of commitment you've displayed and breaks their vows.  Her anthems gave me strength during some of my roughest times.  I pray that she has a good circle of people around her who help her to focus on improving her quality of life while blocking out the media circus.

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?  The box is below...feel free to use it!

Solange vs. Jay-Z

Solange Knowles didn't need a driver to roll up the partition before laying hands on famous rapper brother in law Jay-Z.  Nope. She just waited for the good ol' fashioned elevator doors to close before pelting him with her purse.  Security footage shows Knowles attacking Jay-Z in a hotel elevator after the Met Gala last week.  A security guard stepped in to restrain Solange.  What was Beyonce doing?  Watching the whole scene go down, just as cool as a cucumber.  Hmmmm....

This came as a surprise to me.  Solange typically seems to be pretty laid back.  Being an expert in Women of Rageology, however, I am aware that a woman on the edge is nothing to fool around with. Period.  So what could have set her off?  No one really knows.  And with the tight lipped Knowles/Carter camp, no one probably ever will.  One can speculate though.  Don't worry.  I already got that covered.

1) Solange called Jay-Z out on mistreating her sister.  It makes sense.  Beyonce didn't even make an attempt to break them up, or help restrain her sister.  Furthermore, she left in a separate car with her sister.  Do those sound like the actions of someone who's drunk in love, crazy in love or dangerously in love? Either way, I don't blame her for staying out of it. 

2) Solange has some sort of mental illness.  Perhaps this isn't the first time Solange has gotten physical.  It would explain why no one really acted as though they were surprised.  I say this is highly unlikely though.

3) Solange was drunk.  Another possibility that would explain why no one seemed too up in arms about her behavior. 

Regardless of the reason, this is family business.  We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.  I think Jay-Z handled himself well.  Given the blatant disrespect many rappers display for women (including Jay-Z), the incident could have gone in a totally different direction.  He didn't take it there.  I hope they can resolve whatever issues they have and move on from this.