Robin Thicke + Paula Patton = Splitsville

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Actress Paula Patton calls it quits with husband of over nine years and mate for over 20, Robin Thicke.  Some are shocked by the split.  Call me a cynic, but I saw it coming from a mile away.

TMZ reports that the couple had been heading downhill since Thicke performed his hit "Blurred Lines" with Miley Cyrus dressed as the Hamburgler in September 2013. I still have nightmares involving foam fingers and gigantic teddy bears.  But I digress.

Prior to that, Thicke caught some heat for his "Blurred Lines" song and video.  Upon seeing the video, he was immediately inducted as a Celebrity Frog.  Naked women parading around him and "the homies" with goats and banjos?  Dude, seriously?!  You're a married man.  Then I read that Paula not only approved, but encouraged him to release the unedited version of the video.

That disturbed me.  Most of my friends are pretty open-minded, and suggested that perhaps her reason for being so comfortable with it was because she bares all in her movies.  I considered it.  Call me old school, a fuddy duddy or whatever you want - but his falsetto would have been a few octaves higher had it been left to me.  I believe that when you are married or in a relationship, you should respect your partner.  Thicke objectifying women and displaying silver balloons spelling, "Robin Thicke has a big d***" struck me as trashy, distasteful and disrespectful to all women...especially his wife.  I was surprised that Patton supported it. IMO, his performance with Miley Cyrus simply upped the ante.  How ironic that the "blurred lines" in their own relationship became much clearer when things started to spiral out of control. 

I will say this - I do not know them personally nor can I say definitively what the final straw was.  I am sure there are other components to be factored in (i.e. reports of infidelity, his expensive marijuana addiction, photo with his hand inside of another woman's bum).  I do feel like once you start pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable with the opposite sex, that is a recipe for disaster.  One can easily push too far causing irreparable damage to the relationship.  It doesn't take a magic 8 ball to figure out what all point too then.

From what is being reported, Thicke is doing everything he can to get his wife back.  Patton and Thicke have a three year old son.  I wish them the best of luck, and hope that they can both learn and grow from this experience.

Celebrity Frogs - Robin Thicke

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It is with great sadness that I present this next Celebrity Frog feature - Mr. "Lost Without You" himself, Robin Thicke.  Why, you ask?  Robin Thicke's latest video, "Blurred Lines", features naked women prancing about as the objects of his "affection".  We're talking nude thongs and a smile.  Okay, bicycles, banjos and goats too.  But that's besides the point.  Thicke and crew (rappers T.I. and Pharell were in the video as well) were fully clothed in suits and loafers.  Haven't seen the unrated version of the video?  Check it out here:

Now here's the thing, I typically don't get up in arms about every politically incorrect occurrence in pop culture.  If I did, I'd need a defibrillator and personal psychiatrist.  However, I expected more from Robin Thicke.  My expectations for someone who croons, "Hey Busta/ let's leave them girls rollin'/ and it looks like/ them asses is swollen" just aren't as high (call me crazy).  Thicke seemed like a genuinely nice guy who was in tune with the female psyche.  His display of blatant misogyny has proven me wrong.

On the other hand, "Blurred Lines" presents an interesting dichotomy. Women wouldn't be objectified as much if we didn't partake in these behaviors.  This is the part where my feminist friends start clutching their pearls and hissing at my so-called blasphemy, but hear me out.  I am well aware that women are not seen as equals.  We can have the same degrees, same abilities and in some cases be more qualified than our male counterparts and still not have the same opportunities.  Furthermore, saying we are oppressed and powerless is a load of crap.  Robin Thicke, Pharell and T.I. didn't hold a gun to those girls' heads and say, "do this or else".  I'm sure it was done willingly with no coercion necessary.  Additionally, many feminists take things too far making statements like, "the lyrics sound rapey".  Sexist, yes.  Rapey - is that even a word?  The bottom line is our bodies are under our control.  We have power, and need to do a better job of  activating it. 

 "Blurred Lines" is on my banned list, which is really hard because it's a catchy song.  Such is life.  S/n:  3:14 "Robin Thicke has a big d***" - really dude?  Try #weak.