Celebrity Frog - Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles aka Daddy Knowles aka Beyonce's father is our newest Celebrity Frog inductee.  Knowles has come under scrutiny recently for having his child support payments reduced for his three year old son.  But that's not why he's making the list.  Knowles fathered the child while still married to Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles.  In addition to that, he hasn't even seen the child.  Ugh!

Tina Knowles filed for divorce shortly after it was revealed that Mathew conceived a love child.  Beyonce divorced him as her manager, and Solange reportedly also cut ties with him.  He lost his wife, daughters and career.  Yikes!  Bet "Say My Name" hit a little close to home then...

As far as him not seeing his child, that child did not ask to be here.  It is not his fault that his father is a liar and cheater.  So because the two parental units in his life decided to make bad decisions, the child has to pay?  Sad.  Hopefully things will work out for him in the end.

Celebrity Frogs - Kim Kardashian

Picture from huffingtonpost.com

Picture from huffingtonpost.com

Four months after giving birth to newborn North West (that child is bound to have her own airline one day), Kim Kardashian comes out of hiding as Beyonce???   Okay, to be fair, Kim's "reincarnation" is not the reason for being inducted into the Celebrity Frogs' Hall of Shame.  I'd been planning on writing this piece for months but just never got around to it.  Her latest attempt at high end trashion finally sparked me to do the deed.

Kim Kardashian is the first female to make it to Celebrity Frog status - an honor for sure.  She is being named as such for her rise to fame on her back (or stomach or knees...whatever) in a sex tape co-starring ex-boyfriend *Ray J.  With mother Kris Jenner as her pimp, I mean manager, she has worked hard to legitimize her "assets" with a reality television show, clothing lines, perfume and high profile relationships.

Kardashian dated Reggie Bush when he was a running back for the New Orleans Saints.  She moved on to basketball player Kris Humphries whom she married then filed divorce from 72 days later (poor guy...everyone knew it was for the ratings except for him).  Finally, she hit her home run with rapper Kanye West who is by far the most successful man she's been with.  They now have a child together.  Hmmm...I believe he had a few lines in the song "Gold Digger" about just that.  If only he had taken his own advice.  If only...

My issue with Kimmie K goes far beyond her fashion faux paus and man mishaps.  She symbolizes a trend that we see all too often these days - being trashy is a means to success.    Is this really the message that we want to send to our youth?  College graduation rates for women are at an all-time high, but I can't seem to catch that article in People magazine behind Kim's big @$$.  There is nothing extraordinary about her rise to fame, and her desperate attempts to stay relevant are sad.  On a positive note (because we love silver linings), she is a hustler.

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