Exclusive Interview with Jessica from Big Women, Big Love

Jessica "Glam Boss" Aamons from "Big Women, Big Love"

Jessica "Glam Boss" Aamons from "Big Women, Big Love"

Love her or hate her, Jessica captures your attention every time she appears on the screen.  As one of the stars of Lifetime's newest reality television show "Big Women, Big Love", Jessica has gotten a lot of slack for being the mean girl.  And sometimes delusional.  But is that the REAL Jessica?  Smooching Frogs landed an exclusive interview with her right before the season finale, which is expected to air on 2/19 at 10pm.

As I prepared to call Jessica, I couldn't help but notice her status on Skype: "You're my drug...and I just relapsed."  The drama and passion in those words alone.  I knew I was in for a treat.  She picked up the phone while driving home, and we were off.

Does Jessica really think she's a skinny girl?

Blogs and forums questioned Jessica's use of the word "skinny" to describe herself.  During our interview she addressed it head on.  When asked about her contradictory statements about being "big & beautiful" and "skinny" she answers with a question: "why can't it be both?"  She went on to say, "it's more of a mindset, and attitude...because clearly you can still divide my pants size by four."  Jessica further clarified by saying that when she lost 110 pounds, people that knew her would say she was getting skinny.  So her use of the word is relative to where she was when she began her weight loss journey.

How is Jessica's relationship with  the other girls now?

Another topic that plagued many viewers was Jessica's treatment of the other girls.  Jessica and Jenn had a heated exchange during the seminar in L.A.  The trip ended with Jessica leaving abruptly, and a lot of unanswered questions for the audience.  Jessica stated that she and Sabrina get along really well.  Her and Mar have become somewhat friendly while she and Christie bonded after a taping of "The Real".  Jenn...well that's another story.

"In lieu of the last episode, and Jenn's dramatic breakdown, I saw some of the Twitter feed, like what people had to say to her.  And it was mean.  And I remember when the shoe was on the other foot.  And how I felt when the shoe was on the other foot and people were coming for me. And I reached out to Jenn, and to my dismay, Jenn had nothing to say back.  So I guess it's safe to say she's still butt hurt about things that happened a long time ago."

Jessica also stated that her quarrel with Jenn began long before the outburst at the table.  In fact, according to Jessica, "that was not our first run in that night."  So yeah, it's safe to say there's still some bad blood.

On being compared to fellow Georgia Peach Nene Leakes...

"I think in terms of fabulosity, the Nene Leakes reference is on the money. I think Nene knows that she can stir the pot.  But like it or not, you love to hate her.  And she doesn't care.  And I think I have a little bit of that in me...I think I was portrayed accurately." 

Did Jessica Find Love?

*Jessica was a bit elusive about what occurred between her and Eric post-production citing, "people argue.  There are lovers' quarrels. Girls do girl things.  Boys do boy things".  So there's definitely a story.  Jessica gave us tidbits and said that they are "seeing where things go".  Hopefully there will be a season two so that we can find out all of the details!

*A previous version stated that Jessica and Eric were together. However, she never actually confirmed their relationship status.

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