Catfish or Raging Toad?

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On the most recent episode of MTV's "Catfish",  North Carolina native Keyonnah believed that she was dating rapper and "106th and Park" host Bow Wow (aka Lil Bow Wow or that guy that used to date Ciara).  She met him on Facebook then began to speak with him frequently via phone and text.  Oddly enough, his internet connection always seemed to misbehave whenever they scheduled a video chat session.  What kept that glimmer of hope shining for Keyonnah was the fact that he sent her $10,000 during the course of their relationship.  Maybe I should send Adam Levine a Facebook message...

Suffice it to say Bow Wow was not her internet lover (spoiler alert if you haven't seen the episode; but you didn't believe the shenanigans anyway, right?)  Instead, Keyonnah found herself face to face with a real live frog who called herself Dee.  Yup, you read that right.  It was a SHE.  Sacre bleu!   In addition, Dee was an aspiring rapper who revealed that she obtained the $10,000 from family and friends who supported her career.  To make matters worse, Dee actually believed there was a future for her and Keyonnah even after Keyonnah made it perfectly clear that she was not interested.  This was just wrong on so many levels.

First, you MUST be cautious with online dating.  I mean, any dating really, but especially online dating.  The world wide web is a portal for all types of tomfoolery.  People can create new identities for crying out loud.  And don't even get me started on Photoshop.  My list could go on and on.  The bottom line is if it seems too good to be true, ask for a copy of their fingerprints and a strand of hair for DNA testing.  I'm joking...sort of.

We do live in a day and age where celebrities are a lot more accessible than they were previously.  Plus the $10,000 made this story somewhat plausible.  I didn't believe it was Bow Wow, but I considered the possibility that he was stringing Keyonnah along while he maintained a real relationship with someone else.  The problem:  why didn't Keyonnah come to the same conclusion?  Okay, one can argue that she wasn't a complete dunce because she called "Catfish".  However, he was calling her from a 919 area code.  Even I knew that was an NC number.  Ladies, please remember that a smidge of critical thinking skills can go a long way.  Just a smidge.

All in all, Dee's a frog.  She's like Snoop Froggy Frog with a pimped out lily pad in a filthy pond.  Her actions were deceptive, hurtful and borderline psychopathic. Some folks truly believe that the end justifies the means and are perfectly fine with reaching the end by any means necessary.  In honor of this episode of "Catfish", October will be online dating month on Smooching Frogs.  I will post stories, articles, and links strictly dedicated to online dating.  Okay maybe the occasional rant here and there, but mostly online dating.

Happy Smooching!