Friday Night - Lily Allen

British pop singer Lily Allen spouts bold lyrics that ooze bad ass.  She is most famously known for her song "F*** You".  There is no official music video for "Friday Night".  It came up on my Pandora station just as I was fuming over a traumatic event that occurred with someone I know, so I decided to share. 

The sound is a unique blend of surf music and ska - sort of reminiscent of the "Pulp Fiction" score.  Her chorus has me ready to throw on a leather jacket, ripped up jeans then go out and start trouble.  But alas, it's a Sunday night. Not to mention, my idea of random hell raising these days is escalating to the drive-thru manager to complain about the horrible service I've received.  Nonetheless, tell me these lyrics don't get you pumped:

"...There's a lesson that I want you to learn
That if you're gonna play with fire
Then you're gonna get burned

Don't try to test me 'cuz you'll get a reaction
Another drink and I'm ready for action
I don't know who you think you are
But making people scared won't get you very far"

Key operative words "making people scared won't get you very far".  I could go on and on about this statement, but I won't (tonight anyway).  I will say this though: using intimidation or harming someone else to get your way is NEVER acceptable.  People like that should be put in cages with individuals much bigger and scarier so that they can see how it feels.

Alright, off my cryptic soapbox I go.  This is a fun song :-D