Movie Review - Lola Versus

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After catching up on all my DVR'd programs on Sunday, my couch and I decided to channel surf.  HBO on Demand is typically my "go to" when nothing else seems to tickle my fancy.   Lola Versus  advertised the adventures of a 29 year old woman adjusting to single life after her fiance dumped her.  I'm a sucker for comedies so I decided to give the lovely Lola a try - a choice I don't regret.

Nine minutes into the movie, I was laughing hysterically at Lola's quirky mother cursing loudly then softly urging her to drink Kambucha tea because it was "good for the soul".  Lola and her merry band of misfits combined fun, mischief and relativity.  I found myself nodding my head and pointing at the screen as though the characters could sense my enthusiasm.   Without giving away too much, I appreciated the level of growth and self-discovery in the main character.

Lola Versus is a tale of a young woman coming into her own when  "happily ever after" appears to have failed her.  It explores the idiosyncrasies of life in a lighthearted manner that keeps viewers engaged.  My only criticism is that I would have liked Lola's best friend to have been smarter.  However, that is more of a personal bias.  If you haven't seen it already, check it out.

Note: As of 7/9/2013, Lola Versus is no longer on HBO on Demand.  The movie itself is still being played on the network.