Solange vs. Jay-Z

Solange Knowles didn't need a driver to roll up the partition before laying hands on famous rapper brother in law Jay-Z.  Nope. She just waited for the good ol' fashioned elevator doors to close before pelting him with her purse.  Security footage shows Knowles attacking Jay-Z in a hotel elevator after the Met Gala last week.  A security guard stepped in to restrain Solange.  What was Beyonce doing?  Watching the whole scene go down, just as cool as a cucumber.  Hmmmm....

This came as a surprise to me.  Solange typically seems to be pretty laid back.  Being an expert in Women of Rageology, however, I am aware that a woman on the edge is nothing to fool around with. Period.  So what could have set her off?  No one really knows.  And with the tight lipped Knowles/Carter camp, no one probably ever will.  One can speculate though.  Don't worry.  I already got that covered.

1) Solange called Jay-Z out on mistreating her sister.  It makes sense.  Beyonce didn't even make an attempt to break them up, or help restrain her sister.  Furthermore, she left in a separate car with her sister.  Do those sound like the actions of someone who's drunk in love, crazy in love or dangerously in love? Either way, I don't blame her for staying out of it. 

2) Solange has some sort of mental illness.  Perhaps this isn't the first time Solange has gotten physical.  It would explain why no one really acted as though they were surprised.  I say this is highly unlikely though.

3) Solange was drunk.  Another possibility that would explain why no one seemed too up in arms about her behavior. 

Regardless of the reason, this is family business.  We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.  I think Jay-Z handled himself well.  Given the blatant disrespect many rappers display for women (including Jay-Z), the incident could have gone in a totally different direction.  He didn't take it there.  I hope they can resolve whatever issues they have and move on from this.