A Selfie to Keep to Yourself

Yup.  That's me in the jacket & sequins sock covers...

Yup.  That's me in the jacket & sequins sock covers...

A couple of years ago during my first tryst with online dating, I had a little trouble getting my sea legs under me.  Communicating with individuals that I didn't know seemed so awkward.  Who should initiate the conversation?  What's proper protocol to interact with someone online?  How many times should I tolerate blatant assassination of the English language before emailing a link to merriamwebster.com?

It all felt so overwhelming.  Then I saw a guy who caught my eye.  His profile picture showed him to be tall and handsome with caramel colored skin and short, curly, black hair.  Spelling & grammar did not allude him as his profile was perfectly written.  I had two mental fainting spells before sending him a message.

We chatted a bit online before exchanging phone numbers, and transitioning to text messages.  His name was Michael.  Michael Gabrielle.  "What a beautiful name," I commented.  I really did love his name.  So much so that I felt it apropos to divulge my love of MJ to him.   Without further prompting, I sent him a photo of myself dressed up in a "Thriller" costume for Halloween.  In my defense, I thought it would be a great ice breaker - demonstrating that I was the perfect blend of brains, beauty and humor.  Unfortunately, it gave off more of a "sideshow freak" vibe.  I never heard from him again.

On the brighter side of things, I certainly know what NOT to do in the future.  Although my learning didn't help me here.