Is Frugality Forbidden?


Couponing has become exceedingly popular among people from all walks of life.  Television shows, blogs and social media sites highlight the highs (and lows) of habitual couponers.  Supermarkets aren't the only place couponers are getting their clip on.  Many restaurants offer coupons as promotional tools.  While this is a great way to save money, there is a certain stigma attached to couponing.  How does this translate in the dating world?

Let me go ahead and put it out there - Hi, my name is Veronica...and I'm a couponer. A couple a years ago, a friend of mine BEGGED me not to bring one of my bogo restaurant coupons on a first date.  "He's going to think you're weird.  You just don't do that with someone you don't know," she said.  Seriously?! I wasn't talking about making babies with the guy in a public restroom.  Nonetheless, I acquiesced and left my book of coupons in the car.  I think I twitched a little bit when the waiter brought the bill.  Paying full price when you don't have to is just wrong.  Doesn't matter if it's not my money.  I have since ditched my friend's advice and boldly present my coupons wherever I go.  But I digress...

Okay, I get it.  Couponing has a stigma attached to it. No one wants to be behind "that lady" in the supermarket line.  Even worse, you might have experienced bare shelves at the hands of one of my kind (I try to leave a little something behind...for the record).  Shows like TLC's "Extreme Couponing" create the perception that couponers are nothing more than organized hoarders.  Some might worry that they will give their date the wrong impression.   Who wants to go out with a weird, freakish coupon lady?

Remember, there's two sides to every coin.  It's true that being labeled "that weird coupon chick" isn't ideal.  However, some men appreciate a women who knows the value of a dollar.  One guy told me that he found it to be one of the sexiest things a woman did on a first date.  It was something he didn't think of and showed how caring, savvy and supportive she was.  Many other men I've spoken with echoed this sentiment

Thinking about bringing your coupon binder/accordion purse on your next date? Try these tips to smoothly introduce your date to your thrifty lifestyle:

  1. Don't bring the binder and/or accordion.  Simply choose the coupon you need and put it in your wallet or purse.
  2. Do tell the waitress that you have a coupon at the beginning of the date.  This can help prevent an extra trip to the register when she brings your bill.
  3. Don't use a coupon that restricts your meal choices.  You or your date might not want what's on the 2 for $20 special, so keep your options open.
  4. Do leave a nice tip.  You might have paid less for the meal, but the waitress didn't provide you with less service. 

All in all, I believe it is perfectly fine to bring a coupon on a first date.  It shows your date how resourceful you are, and is beneficial to his wallet.  How do you feel about bringing coupons on a first date?

S/n: If a guy is passing judgement on you for using a coupon, he probably doesn't deserve you.  Jussayin...