Mr. Nice Guy Ain't Always So Nice...

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These days, having a crush is rare for me.  I see something I like, and two seconds later I'm over it.  A few months back, I saw something I liked and sustained it.  I shocked myself! The guy was handsome, well spoken, polite, intriguing - a Prince Charming in the flesh.

I told my mother  and she responded with, "it's probably an act".  Ugh...mothers.  They just don't understand.  They don't get it.  What reason would someone like THAT have to put on an air?  He could have been a total jerk, and still had a gaggle of women swooning at his feet.  No, she didn't get it at all.

Six weeks later, I saw mother's point.  Our chemistry seemed off.  Mundane text messages ripe with canned responses (all of which were very polite) led me to believe I was in a rotation of other women with no chance of survival.  And this passionflower over here does not roll like that. We consciously uncoupled.  Okay.  There was really nothing to uncouple from.  But I love Gwenie's use of the phrase, "consciously uncoupled".

I had a powwow with a few friends of mine shortly thereafter.  Before I could relay my entire story, they nearly finished my sentences word for word.  We all had stories of "Mr. Nice Guy" gone awry.  You see, Mr. Nice Guy is actually another dating ploy.  Many of us women are suckers for the "Prince Charming" persona.  As tiny tots, we've been programmed to be magnetized by these beautiful creatures.  Questioning their sincerity isn't even a thought because we believe they come off of the assembly line this way.  In reality, people have their quirks.  Most men are not picture perfect, and while this may come as a surprise to some, neither are we.  That fairy tale guy just doesn't exist.  However, some guys know they can bank on that misconception to rack up the ladies.

Does that mean we should lower our standards?  Expect less from the opposite sex?  Not exactly.  Men should still be respectful.  And chivalry is not dead (it's just resting on an island with Elvis and Michael Jackson).  Level of attractiveness is also a factor.  It's important to be mindful, though, that these traits are only the tip of the iceberg.  Potentials should be explored and examined thoroughly to obtain an accurate depiction of who they really are.

So needless to say, mama was right.  But I won't tell her that :-P.