Popping Pimples and Getting High

                                                                              Picture from beyouthful.net.

                                                                              Picture from beyouthful.net.

My best friend has referred to us as the "Odd Couple".  We are exact opposites in so many ways.  She is highly critical, exercises her right to free speech at will and is not easily appeased.  I, on the other hand, am more of a rainbows and butterflies kind of a gal.  Don't get me wrong - I've thrown out my share of Italian hand gestures.  And she sent me a birthday card with a random unicorn on it.  We both have our quirks, which is why the friendship works (and probably why we want to slap each other around from time to time).  Her feedback to me usually centers around the fact that I need to be more discerning.  My counterargument is that she needs to be more open and accepting.  This next story makes me think that she might have a point...

*cue dream sequence*

It was a warm Spring day about three years ago.  I was at a stoplight when I noticed a pesky bump on my face.  Okay, so here's the thing: if I have a pimple, I pop it.  If I see one on your face, it bothers me. And I want to pop it.  It's that simple.  Every single one of my friends calls me a weirdo.  I own it.

Back to the story at hand.  So I notice this bump on my face and waged war on it using my visor mirror for assistance.  On my right hand side, I noticed a cute guy sitting in his car watching me...popping a pimple.  Great!

He smiled then I smiled.  I wrote him off since he was in the right turn only lane.  It was only a matter of seconds before fate would separate us anyway.  To my surprise, he pulled alongside me about halfway up the next street and signaled me to pull over.  I was a little skeptical, but we were in an open area so I brushed it off. We exchanged numbers in the parking lot of a nearby gas station.

Two days later he called.  A few minutes into the conversation told me everything I needed to know.  We were COMPLETELY incompatible. Why, you ask?

Me: So how do you like to spend your free time?

Him: Getting high.

Me: Ummm...I'm sorry.  I don't think I heard you correctly.

Him: I like to get high.

Me: Oh ok.

I quickly ended our conversation and we never spoke again.  I whined to my best friend about my terrible luck with the opposite sex.  Her response put it all into perspective for me: "You were popping a pimple in your car and you're surprised the guy pursuing you gets high?"  Touche...

Perhaps next time I'll use one of these in the privacy of my own home :-)

Perhaps next time I'll use one of these in the privacy of my own home :-)