...And We'll Make Little Tadpole Babies

Photo from Flikr

Photo from Flikr

Big news!  I have two new crushes.  Okay.  Maybe not so big news, and the crushes are mini crushes (I'll probably be over them by next week).  This does pose a few dilemmas for me: 

1) Sooo, these new crushes appeared one day after the other.  That Catholic school/mother guilt makes me feel like I need to go in a corner and say several Hail Mary's.  The baby Hell Raiser side of me wants to continue my mind-whoring. 

2) They will probably never know about my interest in them.  I am completely aware that in this brave new world of dating it is acceptable for a woman to express her interest in a man.  However, I am still kind of old fashioned.  Okay, perhaps these previous epic fails made me reconsider initiating pick ups: 

3) When I (and many other women) have crushes, we tend to take things to the extreme.  Don't let us get our hot little hands on a piece of information about him.  We may have planned our first three dream vacations, doodled his our names together with hearts and given birth to little tadpole babies before we've even been formally introduced.  Social media only makes this phase worse.

The first guy is someone I've met and talked to at a few social gatherings.  He's nice, easy going and a good listener.  The second is a hot bartender I met out with the girls this evening.  He had the cutest smile, nice hair and even gave me extra gummy bears for my cocktail. Oh decisions, decisions.