The Gloved One

the gloved one.jpg

I promised to give you the good, the bad, and the downright embarrassing so here goes!

Last spring, I was at the grocery store returning an item at the Customer Service counter.  The gentlemen that assisted me was helpful, polite, and kind of cute.  I figured "it wouldn't hurt to get to know him a little better."  Something about his demeanor and charisma intrigued me.  I decided to go in for the kill. 

Using pick up lines is not my forte.  I don't know the first thing about it (other than when it is executed poorly). Searching my mind for a great conversation piece, an idea came to me as my hand touched a textured object in my pocket.  Let me give you a little background about me: I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan and have been since the age of three.  I own three Thriller jackets, remain undefeated in the MJ Experience for Wii and have been known to break out in full on choreographed dance numbers just about anywhere.  Somehow, my sequins glove ended up in the pocket of my VS Love Pink hoodie.  I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, this is going to be epic."  That was an understatement.

I discreetly slipped the glove onto my hand, waved, and input my payment method into the machine.  The look on his face was priceless...and concerned.  He incredulously asked, "Why do you have that on?"  My quick response was, "It's something that I do sometimes."  He gave me the 'weirdo' face, and we avoided eye contact throughout the rest of the transaction. 

My friends had a FIELD DAY with this one.  Everything from "What were you thinking" to "what handbook or article did you get that from" came my way.  All I could muster up as a response was, "It seemed like a good idea at the time?"  The best part is that I still see him from time to time.  I'm not sure if he remembers the incident, but I always feel this awkwardness when we catch a glimpse of one another.  Then again, who can forget such a memorable ode to "the gloved one".