Women Kiss Average of 15 Frogs Before Finding Prince Charming

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Pucker up ladies. A new study conducted with the release of The Rosie Project, a novel about a socially challenged professor's quest for love, produced some food for thought.  Its findings state that women will smooch 15 frogs, have two long-term relationships that end in heartbreak, four one night stands, four disastrous dates and get stood up once before finding Prince Charming.  Phew!  Well according to this, a good portion of us are well on our way to happily ever after.  I wonder if that playground romance in elementary school counts...

In comparison, guys rack up six one nighters and are stood up twice.  These are interesting statistics; however, I find them to be unrealistic.  People have different journeys.  That person who married her high school sweetheart combined with the one who "had a lot of fun" before settling down can throw these statistics off significantly.  Numbers might not lie, but they don't tell the whole story. 

How realistic do you find these statistics?  Leave a comment below!