The Chase

Hard to get.jpg

Both men and women like a challenge...even if we think we don't. Something about the man (or woman) that doesn't react the way you expect to your advances or who doesn't constantly feed your ego piques your interest.  That insatiable romantic endeavor seems so enticing that it is hard to resist.

Don't be fooled by the thrill of the chase.   Once the chase is over, you may realize that the attraction wasn't real to begin with.  The moments leading up to the "catch" can be fun and exciting.  However, you can potentially hurt yourself and the other person if your intentions are not authentic.

A couple of things to consider when you are pursuing someone:

What characteristics attract you to this person?

Caring, considerate, intelligent, good sense of humor - all personality traits that most people look for in a mate. Do you see those things in your new flame?  Or are you attracted to their bad boy persona?  Dating bad boys can be fun, but don't expect to make a future with them.

Are there warning signs? 

Warning signs appear early on in a relationship.  It is up to us whether we want to acknowledge them or not.  Lack of commitment, poor communication, etc... do not just appear overnight.  Read the tea leaves ladies.  If you find that you are experiencing some of these issues at the forefront of your relationship, by all means address it first.  If the behavior continues, you might want to consider cutting your losses before you become too emotionally involved. 

Side note: another exciting day of email banter with the crush. He keeps this up and there's a tramp stamp with his name on it.

I kid, I kid!