Movie Review - Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

A few months ago, images of Lil' Mama, Drew Sidora and Keke Palmer dressed up as TLC surfaced on the web.  Initially when I learned these ladies were chosen to play the roles of T-boz, Left Eye and Chilli, I was stunned.  Lil' Mama seemed to be the only one who resembled her character, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (which was surprising because I never would have picked up on the resemblance otherwise).   Needless to say, my hopes for the film weren't too high.  Boy was I wrong!

Fairy Tale Love or Bad Romance

It is almost every girl's dream to find her prince.  From the time we are old enough to hold our necks straight, we are fed stories about unfortunate damsels in distress finding their prince and living happily ever after.  I never thought to question what would happen if my prince never came along at the tender age of three.  I always just kind of assumed it would happen and soooo....

I kissed a crap load of frogs that came my way expecting them to turn into princes.  Needless to say my critical thinking skills have improved since then.  My more conservative view on dating has led to a lot of lonely Saturday nights with no prince in sight.  However, I haven't lost hope that there will be a happily ever after somewhere. 

When speaking with other women, it is apparent that we romanticize relationships even when they aren't good for us.  We make excuses and rationalize bad behavior with dreams of  turning the man into a prince.  Facing the idea that we might not have "the one" can be terrifying.  Letting go, starting over, and loneliness is scary.  If you have found yourself in this predicament, understand that it is completely normal to feel this way.  But hanging on to a situation simply because you are scared does more harm than good. 

Imagine going to a fast food restaurant and ordering something from the dollar menu then pretending it was filet mignon.  A little weird right?  So why do it for your mates.  There are plenty of textbook explanations for this behavior, but my mind always wanders back to this question: has the notion of happily ever after screwed us up?  What do you think ladies?