Secret Admirers - A Valentine's Day Myth Exposed


Ever watch a romantic comedy where the main character receives an anonymous Valentine's Day gift? You're usually rooting for this protagonist. She's probably a bit quirky, and has struggled with dating throughout the duration of the film. Usually she sniffs the bouquet from her unknown Prince Charming, sappy music plays and she's happy as a clam that someone was thinking about her.

Alright folks, end scene. I'm here to tell you that this doesn't exactly happen that way in real life. This past Friday (Valentine's Day), our receptionist called me at about noon asking me to come to her desk. I desperately tried to get her to say whatever she had to say over the phone. No dice. I made my way over to her area, located in another building, and she pointed to a beautiful bouquet. My mouth dropped. Who would have sent such an elaborate arrangement to me on Valentine's Day? Smiling and skipping happily back to my office, a sick feeling began to form in the pit of my stomach that stopped me in my tracks. No really, who would have sent such an elaborate arrangement to me on Valentine's Day???

My staff immediately oohed & ahhed over the flowers. They could tell, though, that I wasn't so enthusiastic about my "secret admirer". They tried to comfort me by saying it was probably a "special somebody" in my life. I shrugged that notion off, but sent a text to the only person who would have had any remote reason to send me a V-day gift. A few awkward texts later, and it became clear that he was not my suitor.

I then called the florist to see if they could help me out. The man who answered the phone literally said, "We work for the sender, not the receiver." Ugh! That sick feeling stayed in the pit of my stomach for a good portion of the afternoon. This probably sounds weird - single, dating blogger chick searching for "the one"... yet scared of a little romance? It's not that simple, though.

I literally have NO CLUE who sent the flowers. Worst yet, I tend to attract creeps. If you've been reading along then you know I don't come across many "normies". If not, read a few stories then come back to this one. You'll get it. In any event, kicking up my heels in glee and sniffing the roses wasn't exactly my reaction. Nope. Instead I peeked out of my office window every couple of minutes and held my car key between my index and middle finger while walking in the parking lot.

Now I can't really blame this mystery gentleman for his nice gesture. I mean, it's what we're taught right? Women love surprises. They love the anonymity and suspense associated with having a secret admirer. Their perfect mate is waiting in the wings to sweep them off of their feet to live happily ever after! In reality, it's really freaking creepy. I don't want to sound ungrateful...the flowers were beautiful (see picture above). I'm sure this person didn't want to weird me out. However, for the love of Tim Horton's coffee, tread carefully. From the few clues I was able to gather, the person didn't know me very well. He probably should have felt me out a little bit more before going for the gusto. It's also probably a good idea to identify yourself at some point. Jussayin'.

I do appreciate the gesture. I rarely ever get V-day gifts from an admirer. In fact, I decked myself out in grey leggings, combat boots and a black hoodie preparing to fight off an entire day of watching people receive gifts from their significant others. The hopeless romantic in me threw a red shirt on underneath the hoodie. Even on my darkest days, I can never be too hard on love ;-).

Have you ever had a secret admirer surface on V-Day?  How did you respond?