The Shortest Date Ever

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When I was much younger I used to hit all of the hot local clubs. I saw her at just about every one and thought she was hot. She had this vibrant New York City style. She was a free spirit and we had fun whenever we saw each other. Periodically we talked about going out on a date but it didn't happen.

            I moved out of town for a little while and after I moved back, I started seeing her at the clubs again. Our conversations didn’t flow the way they had a couple of years before but she was still fine, so I didn’t really care. She could sing, was intelligent and had a body that just wouldn’t quit! Finally we exchanged phone numbers. After a couple of conversations we decided to go out on a date. We had been circling for about three years and it was finally going to happen.  I was psyched!

            We went on a double date to the movies.  We enjoyed the movie but there were no real sparks.  A few months went by with us not going out.  Then we decided to try once more. We didn’t have a real plan and figured since we always saw each other at clubs, we could hit a party.

            I talked to my brother about her as I dressed myself in anticipation of our next outing. I picked her up and was impressed as usual. She said she liked what I was wearing. She suggested a college party but when we arrived at the venue, it was empty. We decided to try our luck at a popular college hangout. Once we got there I remembered that other girls I was dating at the time would be there also. A similar thought must’ve entered her mind because she didn’t want to go in either.

            We sat in the car looking at each other with nothing to say. I asked her if she wanted to go back home and she shook her head vigorously. I dropped her off. When I returned home, my clock displayed a sad revelation.  We had only been gone for about an hour.  It took longer for me to get dressed than the actual date itself!

            Eventually we became the best of friends; however, dating was completely off of the table…lol

Written by Ntare Gault

Ntare Ali Gault is the author of the book "The Sun Will Rise: A Memoir of an Urban Family" and the play "Ain't She Brave."