Smooching frogs...what is that?

Smoochingfrogs.com is a place where women can read and share stories about love, heartbreak and the downright hilarious dating experiences we've encountered.  Let's face it - at some point, most of us thought that we landed Prince Charming only to find ourselves face to face with a slimy green amphibian.  Don't feel left out men.  We want to hear your stories too!

Who are you?

Well I'm certainly not a frog.  My qualifications for writing this blog stem from over a decade of experience in kissing frogs.  Seriously, I've been at it since middle school.  (Please leave this detail out if you ever meet my proud Catholic mother).  Very few of us are exempt from kissing a frog.  Unfortunately that's life.  The hopelessly optimistic part of me is still waiting for that prince. 

No, seriously, who the hell ARE YOU?

Throughout your adventure here on smoochingfrogs.com, I may refer to myself as the Frog Princess.  You can also call me Roni.  I've always had a bit of a quirk factor to me.  I'm sure I'm not the only person who still breaks out into full song and dance routine when the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" comes on...but I digress.  The inspiration for this blog was spawned from a truly humbling and traumatic experience in my life - I was dumped.  At a time when it seemed like the world was caving in, I realized that it was only just beginning.

While conceptualizing this blog it occurred to me that I wanted to reach out to women, all women really, who could relate to bad dates, heartbreaks and everything in between.  It is my vision that this site will be able to bring women together regardless of color, class, or creed to enjoy one another and the unique experiences that we all bring. 

How does this work?

This blog is completely interactive.  Not only will I share my blunders, I encourage you to share/submit yours as well.  There will be contests, giveaways and much, much more.  Check back frequently for details.