Smooching Frog's Gallery of Online Oddities

Most times when I describe my hesitation with online dating, people don't get it.  I use facial expressions, sounds, and frantic hand gestures.  That still doesn't quite convey the bizarre shit I've seen.  Fortunately, the evolution of screenshots have allowed me to show, rather than tell.  For your viewing pleasure I present Smooching Frog's Gallery of Online Oddities.

These are all profiles that I have come across in my online dating journey.  Suffice it to say a cyber prince is unlikely for me.

50 Shades of Grave

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what tale does the collage above tell?  This gentleman's first faux pas was posting his wedding pics on a dating site. I mean, who does that (a rhetorical question clearly).   Nothing screams date me more than someone saying "I was happy once" followed by a depressing selfie.  Do you see a different story in the photos?  If so, share in the comments below!