Trust Your Gut

Ah.  That little voice inside your head that says "this isn't right".  That feeling of your chest  tightening, making it slightly difficult to breathe.  Often, we are left with a choice to follow the guidance of our inner Jiminy Cricket, or simply ignore it.  I have found that too many times I have ignored that voice to my own detriment.  But that is changing. 

So I met a guy.  We went on a date.  It was fun, yet something in me said, "Mmmm you might want to watch it."  Don't get me wrong, we had a good time.  He had a good sense of humor, lived a pretty safe and secure lifestyle.  And we had a lot in common.  Though there were a few moments that led me to believe he could be troubled.  Now, I have a history of giving people chances to prove themselves.  Mostly because I have been wrong about first impressions, and those folks turned out to be wonderful.  However, I am mostly right.

Well, this gentleman began giving me a vibe that felt all too familiar.  A vibe that said "do not stop, do not pass go.  You've been here before and you need to block him for your own sanity".  His offense was nothing too serious.  Mostly making odd remarks and sensitivity to my sense of humor (which frankly I found to be pretty benign).  But I didn't know him, nor did I owe him an explanation. And neither do you.  Trust that little voice in your head.  It may be telling you something that your conscious mind may not be picking up on.  In a world where patriarchy rules, we as women must protect ourselves first and foremost.

Be safe and happy smooching!