What's In a (Screen)Name?

Picture from johnnygoodtimes.com. 

Picture from johnnygoodtimes.com. 

Establishing a screen name is one of the most important steps in creating your online dating profile.  You want to create something that is unique and represents you without giving away too much.  I am here to tell you that NOT all screen names are created equally.  In fact, there are certain words you should just avoid all the way around.  

Sexxxy - Appealing to a man's libido is not the same as appealing to his heart.  I find this, and any other variation, to be overly salacious and desperate.  

69 - Seriously,  this one might as well be in a public restroom next to "for a good time call".  Doesn't really leave much to the imagination...that's for sure.

Bunny - eh.  Kind of reminds me of bimbo.  I suppose the legendary Playboy insignia might have something to do with that

4u -  You shouldn't be anything for a complete stranger.  Servitude is something that should be earned and reciprocated.  S/n:  Makes me think of Brittney Spears "I'm a Slave 4 U".

Wife - Many people date for the purpose of finding a lifelong mate, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Putting those intentions in your screen name can give men the impression that you will be making wedding plans before your first date. It's as good as using the word "run".

Bitch - Maybe if you're looking for a scare tactic.  Then again, that kind of negates the point of online dating.


These are just a few examples.  There are plenty of others that should be avoided to help create an optimum online dating experience.  Remember, online dating is like a marketplace for singles and first impressions are lasting ones.  What words would you avoid putting in a screen name and why?