That's Not Exactly What I Signed Up For...

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In a previous post, I mentioned my migration from to Plenty of Fish (POF).  The transition seemed logical since more fish were swimming in the sea of frugality.  Nevertheless, I discovered free isn't always better. 

After being on POF for a couple a weeks, a guy (we shall call him Taylor) caught my attention.  Our conversations were decent.  He asked me lots of questions.  I thought this was great because it meant he wanted to learn about me as a person.  One thing led to another and we exchanged phone numbers.

I called Taylor one afternoon.  A gentleman, whose voice I can only describe as strange, greeted me on the other line.  He called Taylor to the phone.  Relief swept over me. At least Taylor didn't have a creepy voice.  My sigh of relief came a bit too soon.

Taylor finally picked up.  I found myself bewildered by the sound of his voice, too .  He sounded like a pre-pubescent kid. Now we all know that I am a HUGE MJ fan, but the soft, high pitched voice is something I can do without in a potential mate.

Taylor did not have a cell phone, worked as a dishwasher and relied on public transportation to get around.  We don't live in a big city with a mass transit system.  He wasn't a struggling actor, and there aren't many people without a cell phone these days.  Needless to say, I was kind of thrown for a loop.  As our conversation continued, things just got weirder and weirder.  He actually had multiple roommates who began talking in the background...and they all sounded strange.   WTH!  Taylor answered their questions without putting me on hold.  I learned that he "woke up early each day to take his meds". It all started to come together.  Strange voices, shared house phone, medication - he lived in an independent living facility for people with special needs.

Although this was only a hypothesis, I ended things on a positive note.  Even if my theory was incorrect, he still was not my type.  Confirmation came a few months later at a Harlem Globetrotters show.  

As I exited the arena, someone held the door for me.  He was kind of cute.  Just as quickly as the thought popped into my brain, he yelled to the group of people he was with. That distinct high-pitched voice told me everything I needed to know.  I looked over at the rest of his party and realized he was on an outing with his group home.  I high tailed it to my car.  Don't get me wrong, I am compassionate to those with special needs.  However, I do not want to date them!