Speaking of Online Dating...

Picture from chicktalkdallas.com

Picture from chicktalkdallas.com

All of this talk sparked my interest in it again.  While I heard stories about a friend of a friend who met her soulmate online, my personal experiences left much to be desired.   Recently I thought about trying Christian Mingle, but I figured with my luck I'd probably end up on a date with a cult leader.   

During my last therapeutic massage, my masseuse said that she tried Christian Mingle and found her guy within a month!  She eased my hesitation, and I decided to give it a shot.  So far the shenanigans have been minimal.  However, that doesn't mean they're non-existent.  For your reading enjoyment I present these lovely online oddities:

  • Crazyeyez - yup, let's put this in the list of DONT'S for your screen name.  He was, in fact, making crazy eyes in his profile pic.
  • Don Juan - he actually looked more like Don King. 
  • Exploding Pancake - that just about sums it up! 
  • Gray hair, don't care - this guy's profile says he's 35, but his mature features and salt & pepper coiffure say otherwise    
  • One guy's introduction read, "like a fragile crystal glass in my hands I want to treat you with care."  Wait, what??? 
  • Another boldly stated "at 13 at a Christian school camp was when I personally accepted Jim as my Lord and Savior". Freudian slip?

In all fairness, I chatted with a few nice guys. They seem pretty normal.  Nonetheless, if there's ever any mention of a "sacrificial lamb", I'm out.  

What is your take on online dating?  My comment box is hungry (kind of like Exploding Pancake up there).