He's Just Not That Into...ME???

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Last night I had plans to go out with a guy that I've been crushing on.  Here's a little background: we have been texting and emailing each other for the past few weeks.  Each time we try to get together, something suddenly comes up.  Finally, we were going to meet up.  I was elated.  I danced my way through my pre-date ritual.  With sexy hair, bright eyes, and glossed up lips - I was ready for action.

Halfway down the block from my house, my date called.  Presumably I thought he was calling to tell me where he was seated in the restaurant to make it easier for me when I arrived.  How thoughtful!  To my surprise, something suddenly came up. He had an emergency situation and needed to cancel.

The sudden turn of events made me think about Drew Barrymore's character in He's Just Not That Into You.  I've said it before, I LOVE that movie.  In any event, Drew Barrymore is dating a guy that she never spends any time with.  They text, email, video chat, etc...  Reality strikes when he leaves a singing love note on her voice mail only to follow it up with a subsequent voice mail meant for another woman.  Ouch!

There are only a few reasons for my crush's behavior: 

1) He is attached to someone...and it ain't me!

2) My awesomeness is too much for him to handle in person.  Note to self: promise to go easy on him.

3) He's telling the truth

4) He's just not that into me.

In his defense, he apologized and promised to re-schedule.  Let's see where this goes folks...