Celebrity Frogs - Sean Combs

AKA Diddy (and a bunch of other nicknames that I dare not confuse you with) is our next Celebrity Frog.   Diddy gave out a lot of Mother's day love on Sunday to the three mothers of his five children.  He doesn't make the list because of his children to "baby mama" ratio.  It's what he did in those relationships that lands him on the list.

Diddy's most long term relationship was with former model Kim Porter.  He and Porter broke up in 1998 when he began dating Jennifer Lopez.  She allegedly found out about Diddy and J. Lo's relationship when she saw them grace the red carpet at an award show.  Porter was at home with their infant son watching the show on television.  Ouch!

He cheated on Porter again in 2006.  This time having a child outside of their relationship just five months before Kim gave birth to their twins.  He is now dating his protege Cassie who is pictured in the photograph above with him and Kim Porter in 2006. Yeesh!  Apparently Diddy goes through women the way he goes through his artists.