Celebrity Frogs - Jude Law

Oh Ju-die, Ju-die, Ju-die (random fact: Cary Grant never actually said that phrase).

Picture from www.askmen.com

Picture from www.askmen.com

Jude Law is a British actor best known for his roles in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Sherlock Holmes (beside Robert Downy Jr.), and the remake of Alfie.  Sienna Miller was Law's co-star in Alfie where he portrayed an irresponsible playboy on a downward spiral.  Miller and Law became romantically involved shortly thereafter. 

Apparently the script for Alfie wasn't too far off from Law's real life.  He cheated on Miller with the nanny (clutching my Sunday pearls that the scandal)!  Law went on to date model Samantha Burke whom he had his fourth child with.  Miller and Law reunited briefly after the birth of his child with Burke in 2009, then called it quits again in 2011. 

Law is handsome and talented.  He's also not the first man to cheat with his nanny.  Nonetheless, that's still messy.  He fired her once the scandal broke which I'm sure had an effect on the children.  I think this falls into "you don't **** where you eat" wouldn't you say?