National Cheesecake Day?!

National Cheesecake Day.jpg

So here I am, laid out on the couch watching reruns of Castle  when suddenly it hits - a major cheesecake craving.  This was no ordinary "grab the nearest thing you can find and deal with it" sort of craving.  This was the real thing.  There was only one place that could fulfill my need.

As I searched the web to find The Cheesecake Factory's hours of operation, "July 30 National Cheesecake Day: 1/2 Off all Cheesecake" comes up in the search results.  Was it fate?  Kismet?  Did a little cherub wearing a diaper take pity on me and sprinkle pixie dust on my smartphone?  I didn't really care how it happened.  I was all in.

My inner Fatty McFatfat danced at the counter as I waited for my half price slice o' heaven.  She danced all the way home and is currently singing show tunes as I write to all of you.  Knowledge is power, so don't just sit there. Go! Eat! Dance!  As for me, I shall enjoy my Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake  and television then rationalize the calories away later.