The Sign - Ace of Base

More quality time with HBO on Demand led me to watch Pitch Perfect .  Ok, I'm a sucker for slightly edgy teeny bopper films.  Nothing too crass, but just enough of a punch to keep me laughing.  Pitch Perfect did just that.  It was obnoxiously funny and I'm sure I'll be quoting it for weeks. 

The movie is about a washed up college acapella group, the Barden Bellas, trying to earn their first win at a national competition.  It had all the normal stuff you see in these films - love story, catfights, failures, a semi-mute beatboxer, etc...  Part of the reason the Bellas couldn't win was because they kept singing the same tired old version of Ace of Base's 90's hit "The Sign".  Now the catchy tune is etched into my brain and I'm sharing it with all of you.  You're welcome.

Listening to the lyrics after so many years, I have a new appreciation for the song.  It's upbeat and delivers a message that post break-up happiness is not only real, but better in most cases.  This blast from the past is definitely going on my playlist.  What tunes do you have on yours?

S/n:  the video freaks me out a little bit...still a great song though!