Plenty of Fish in the Sea...

Yet none of them were for me!

Ahhh, Plenty of Fish (POF).  Many a laugh begins with just a mention of its name.  One lesson that using this site taught me was free is NOT always better.

Remember Taylor?  No?  Click his name to find out more.  He was only one of many that I met on POF.  Another memorable story was my bff's ex-boyfriend hitting on me.  Initially she and I thought he didn't remember me, and once we gently reminded him he would back off.  Wrong!  To add insult to injury, his brother also attempted to court me.  While I try not to make a habit of pinning doucebaggery on a whole clan of people, I couldn't help but imagine a few awkward holiday dinners in our future.  So I passed.

Pervs.  I cannot mention POF without giving pervs the honorable mention they deserve.  There were lots of them. LOTS.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand how someone can solicit sex from a total stranger online.  It shouldn't surprise me.  People have been soliciting sex from strangers since the beginning of time.  It is called the oldest profession, after all.  That doesn't stop me from shaking my head in disgust when I see it either on a profile or in my inbox.

Another gripe I had about POF were the profiles themselves.  Spelling and grammar are very important to me.  The misuse of homophones should be punishable by flogging in my opinion.  Okay, maybe it's not that bad.  But I really hate it.  POF was riddled with poorly written profiles.  Many of which espoused misogynistic views.  Oh, and a profile picture with money, drugs, or people making obscene gestures is an automatic "no".

On a positive note, Plenty of Fish gave me fodder for my blog as well as some great stories to tell over drinks with the girls.  Unfortunately, it didn't offer much more than that.  I've heard about other people becoming friends with men they met on the site. While I'm glad it yielded a level of success for them, I won't be logging in again anytime soon (read: never).