Strangers on a Plane

While out for drinks with a friend of mine, I shared my vision for this blog.  He wanted to know what was so unique about my dating life.  Boy did I have a mouthful for him!  What I didn't know was that he had a story of his own. 

My friend *Jason was inside of an airport waiting for a flight to bring him back to his hometown.  A young woman walked up to him and asked him if the wi-fi in the airport was working for his laptop.  He told her that it wasn't, but he was using the wireless hotspot from his iPhone.   Without knowing a single thing about him (not even his name), she asked if she could use his hotspot for her laptop.  He allowed her to do so and a conversation sparked between the two of them.

As the conversation progressed, he discovered that this stranger shared the same birthday and initials with this mother.  He was drawn to her personality.  However, like most airport encounters, it had to come to an end at some point. They exchanged numbers and agreed to keep in contact.

Jason visited his leer jet lover once.  Everything seemed normal.  He described her as a great gal.  After some time, they decided that she should come visit him for a weekend.  There was no serious relationship or commitment.  They were still feeling each other out.  She came on a Friday, and they spent all of their time together until that Sunday.  His mother phoned him to let him know that his uncle was in town.  He was scheduled to leave the next day.  Feeling awkward about having a woman that he barely knew meet his mother, he asked if it would be okay to leave for an hour.  That's when cuckoo bird came flying out of his love interest's forehead.

She became overly emotional and upset that he wanted to leave her alone at his house for an hour.  She didn't understand why she couldn't meet his mother.  He agreed to stay with her and miss seeing his uncle (whom he hadn't seen in years).  Then she grew upset because she felt that he was unhappy with him so she pushed him and told him to leave.

Sensing trouble, Jason left to go to his mother's house.  He received a text while he was there from his out of town visitor stating that she was leaving to go back home.  He went back home where the only remnant of his guest was the phone number for the taxi service that she used to go to the airport.  His response?

"I know this chick doesn't think I'm going to run after her like they do in the movies!"

The moral of the story is that men don't like the drama.  Regardless of how we feel about a situation, handling our emotions with maturity will always reign supreme.  Do you believe Jason had a female frog on his hands?