One Bold @$$ Frog

The Frog Prince.jpg

Where I live, we have a grocery store chain called Wegmans.  Wegmans originated here in Rochester, NY and  is the creme de la creme of grocery stores.  Mere words alone cannot express my undying love for Weggies (yes, I have a pet nickname for them).

Anyway, I stopped at Wegmans this evening to grab a few items and witnessed a slimy frog in action.  I was walking up to the entrance of the store.  A woman was getting out of the driver side of her car.  Her boyfriend came from the passenger side to take her spot.  I could tell that she worked there because she had on a Wegmans shirt.  Something about the interaction seemed awkward.  

I soon realized why I felt uneasy.  As he kissed his girlfriend goodbye, he kept his eyes open and stared at me. *Cue Bruno Mars singing "Should have known you were trouble from the first kiss. Had your eyes wide open...why were they open?"* What a creep?!  I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt at least once.  I just got a kickass haircut.  It could be that...right?   After his girlfriend walked into the store, he began to slowly creep alongside me and stare.  This whole scenario was wrong on so many levels:

A) Why in the HELL would I consider talking to him when he clearly has no respect or boundaries when it comes to relationships? 

B) He was driving her car.  Seriously sir?! 

C) While I don't know the dynamics of the relationship (aside from what I saw), I felt sorry for that poor girl!

D) She looked like she could take me out.  Like literally eat me for breakfast with a side of Cheerios.  I didn't want any parts.

Clearly this guy was a real loser.  Hopefully the young lady will soon see what she has on her hands and leave him alone.  This whole scenario leads me to question what is up with the availability of unavailable men?