Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

We've all done it.  Pictured our guy with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog (substitute a betta fish for me because I don't do animals).  That dream sometimes transcends reality.  We hold onto it, bank on it and even pray for it.  My bff has her full wedding planned after the second date.  The inside joke is that we'll all find ourselves in a bridal fitting for a wedding that the groom knows nothing about!  We build our fairy tales, working tirelessly to carry them out.  We want our happily ever after so bad we can taste it.  Dreams are fun, but they're not always realistic.

Living in a fantasy world or "what could be" makes it so much harder if things don't work out.  I'm not saying to avoid thinking about the future.  It would be downright foolish not to.    I AM saying that living in a false reality can be your worst enemy.  You should ask yourself if you really see a future with this person. Does he have the potential to be Mr. Right or is he Mr. Right Now?  Take it from me.  I wanted marriage #2 to take place at City Hall with a simple dress and a pair of designer pumps Carrie Bradshaw style.  To date, I am still smooching frogs.