Halfsies Reloaded

My aforementioned "halfsies" experience, while hilarious in its own right, appears to be rearing its ugly head in the lives of my friends too.  A good friend of mine had a similar dating tragedy months before.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

*Sharon and I had been living the single life and hating it.  We both desperately wanted to be in relationships, but found ourselves spending more Saturday nights in my apartment with each other than on actual dates.  Perhaps that was why she agreed to go out with an aspiring musician with no job, no car, or no real means to support himself.  She liked the attention he gave her and decided to be open-minded.

They started talking on the phone regularly. Sharon liked him and wanted to see where this could go.  She was growing restless and wanted to spend time with him face to face.  Finally, the date was set....for them to have their first (and subsequently last) dinner together.

Sharon picked him up for the date and immediately noticed that he appeared unkempt.  She brushed it off.  Their conversation at dinner was mediocre at best.  Then the moment of truth came - the waitress delivered the bill.   They continued conversing as the waitress passed by their table several times.  With all sincerity and a slight bit of annoyance, the "musician" looked at Sharon and said, "So are you gonna pay the bitch?"

***Frog Alert*** 

She was mortified.  Had her life really come to this?  To make matters worse, he could not understand why she was so upset.  He felt that she should have been responsible for the bill since she was the one that wanted to go out.  Sharon went home, buried herself in her covers and cried herself to sleep that night.  She learned a valuable lesson - don't allow loneliness to play Jedi mind tricks on you.  However, she never got her money back.

S/n:  the crush confirmed he's totally into me.  Countless emails, texts and a few late night phone conversations later and it's become clear...I'm TERRIFIED :-\.