Rebounds Aren't Just for Basketball

The NBA Finals are quickly approaching.  In the spirit of MVP's, trash talking and hot sweaty men, I decided to write about rebounds.

Rebound relationships are sneaky.  They can appear harmless and cute...sort of like a puppy.  It's only until they're gnawing on your shoes and peeing on your furniture that reality sets in.  The conclusion of a relationship leaves us vulnerable.  When someone gives us attention and serves as a distraction from our pain, it can be easy to fall for them.

 Well, what's wrong with that?

Most rebounds are simply a mirage.  What once seemed like Prince Charming on a white horse might actually be Don Quixote on a mule.  Our wounded state of mind leads us to flat out ignore major warning signs that we would otherwise take heed to.  This is dangerous for several reasons:

  • We don't completely heal - venturing into a new relationship too soon is not conducive to healing properly.  Yes, I'm aware of the old adage "one way to get over a man is to get another one".  However, this method is only a band-aid for something that probably requires major surgery!
  • We can be setting ourselves up for disappointment - viewing the new love interest with rose-colored glasses can be downright ugly.  What happens when the newness settles and we are faced with reality?  Does this person have the attributes that we are looking for in a future mate?  Do we share similar goals and dreams with this person or do we even know what they want out of life?  These are just a few items to consider. 
  • Missing out on a good relationship - moving immediately from one relationship to the next doesn't necessarily give us time to shop around.  There could be  more compatible mates out there, but allowing a rebound to consume our time and energy means that we won't have time for much else.
  • Ending up in another bad relationship - and the saga continues.  Unfortunately, there's a good chance that we might end up right where we began - damaged.

Rebounding can cause more heartache than enduring the pain of a break up.  The decisions that we make in such a fragile state can affect us for the rest of our lives.  Remember that rebounds have the potential to be game changers...and that's not always a good thing.