Love the Way You Lie

The dance of dysfunctional relationships can be both interesting and disturbing.  Anytime volatility is mistaken for passion, disaster is inevitable.  Yet the lies, uncertainty and pain keep both parties coming back.  What keeps people tied to these types of unhealthy relationships?


I've given this topic a lot of thought over the past few weeks.  For anyone who has ever been in a relationship like this, it seems we get into a space where we come to rely on the lies from our significant other.  We ask questions we already know the answers to for validation.  The lies can be calming and settle our nerves.  We might even convince ourselves that the fact that he's lying means that he still cares, right?

Wrong.  The crushing reality is that when the dust settles, we're still facing those same demons.  Unfortunately I've seen women play this game for years.  Most of them are miserable - their relationships controlling every facet of their lives both directly and indirectly.  Then there are those who decided to let go of the drama realizing that someone else might be better suited for that type of a relationship. While I cannot say that they all have their princes, they are a lot happier and at peace with themselves.

If you've found yourself in this situation, here are a few things to think about:  when someone you love can inflict severe emotional pain and "watch you burn" while remaining unaffected, how much can they really love you? I, personally, couldn't live with myself if I physically watched something I did hurt the one I loved.  What is the determining factor for whether or not your significant other loves you...the moment that they stop lying?  Think about it...