That Awkward Moment When...

That Awkward Moment.png

You're on a first, second or third date and at its conclusion, there's a pause.  What feels like an eternity is usually only about five seconds, but what happens during that time is critical.  How well did the date go...really?  Is there chemistry?  Do you kiss him?  Is he going to kiss you? 

The questions are endless.  What's worse is when only one side feels the "force" and the other doesn't.  I once went on a date with a guy that read the tea leaves all wrong.  He took a chance and went for the kill.  Fortunately I have the Matrix-like back bend down to a tee (even in 4 inch stilettos).  That was our second and last date.

I don't have a foolproof way to avoid that "awkward moment".  I do have a few tidbits of advice to help you get through them.  Method one: keep a safe distance.  Adequate space means that you are less likely to field an unwanted advance.  Method two: turn your face all the way to the left or the right when you hug.  Your lips can't be kissed if they're unavailable.

S/n:  Lunch date with the crush yesterday was fun.  No muss, no fuss, no awkwardness...just the way I like it :-)