Am I Ready?

Alright ladies and gents, I have to tell break-up dating can be one of the most nerve racking experiences ever.  Getting yourself out there is scary enough.  Remembering your potential's quirks and having them remember yours (e.g. "Yes, I do like to sing made up songs at the top of my lungs at 2am.  Doesn't everybody?")  can leave you anxious.  There is also the back and forth about whether he really likes you.  But the big question is are you ready?

I have an impending date this weekend.  Our plans were finalized this afternoon and suddenly I became antsy.  I phoned a good friend of mine to help with my nerves, but that only made it worse.  The aforementioned question plagued me for the rest of the day. 

There isn't a conclusion to this story as of yet.  I would have to say, though, that crouching down in your office with heart palpitations while pleading with a friend to play third wheel like you're a teenager again means that you're probably not ready. Yikes!!!