Celebrity Frogs - Ray J


Boy meets girl. Boy and girl make sex tape. Girl gets famous.  Boy goes crazy and becomes irrelevant. That's a brief summary of Ray J (R&B singer Brandy's younger brother) and Kim Kardashian's history. 

However, Ray J reached an all time low when he released a single called "I Hit It First".  The song made several references to his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and new mate Kanye West.  He even solicited a Kim Kardashian doppelganger for the music video.  Now that's cold as ice.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason behind Ray J's attack.  Aside from the sex tape, there had not been any buzz about them in the media.  Ray J's stardom has been fading for quite some time as evidenced by his unsuccessful attempts at reality television shows.  While I'm not even close to being a Kim K cheerleader, resorting to high school locker room talk is just pathetic. He was looking for attention and now he just looks like an idiot.

Ray J is also rumored to have been with the Lil' Kim, Tila Tequila, Pamela Anderson, Karrine Steffans, the late Whitney Houston, and a chick with a tiger tattoo on her face.  Apparently Brandy's brother gets around.  Let's see who his next lyrical victim will be.